Tomatoes on the Garden Vigor program

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Last Update: 8/27/2010 10:51:43 AM
This tomato was planted July 4th using the Garden Vigor Complete Garden Care Kit. It was in a plantable container, but it had fungus on it so it was discarded. By the 12th, it had doubled in size. By Aug 13th it had started overtaking the shrub and rose planted close by. On Aug 17th I had to cut the branches back as they were killing the rose bush. The plant was foliar fed every 7 days with Emerald Mist and MaxGrow combined. The soil mixture of VermActant and MaxGrow is supposed to be applied every 21 days, but since this plant was growing so rapidly, soil treatment was applied every 14 days. Amazing results! Is it possible to be too big?! .... NO WAY!
in the ground 8 days
Title: in the ground 8 days
Planted July 4th using the Complete Garden Care kit program. This is after 8 days in the ground. Watered morning and evening each day.
after 18 days
Title: after 18 days
This picture was taken July 22nd. It has filled out nicely and is just about to bloom.
after 33 days
Title: after 33 days
By Aug 6th, the plant has grown to over 4 feet in height. The branches are so long and heavy that they required two stakes and several feet of twine to hold them up.
33 days and 3 fruit
Title: 33 days and 3 fruit
Our first fruit showed up after only 30 days. You can see three here on day 33.
40 days and 15 fruit
Title: 40 days and 15 fruit
After 40 days, it's taking over the space and laying over the shrub and rose planted nearby. A 4-foot dowel has been added for support. Too late to add a cage! One new fruit almost every day.
still growing
Title: still growing
Had to cut back some more branches to keep it off the rose and shrub.
tomato clusters
Title: tomato clusters
In 2 weeks we've gone from 1 cluster to 4 with 3 tennis ball-sized fruits each, with more still coming on every day.
hide and seek!
Title: hide and seek!
There are 12 tomatoes visible in this shot (not nearly what are actually there). Can you find them?
treating with Emerald Mist
Title: treating with Emerald Mist
Foliar feeding every 7-10 days with natural fungicide and micronutrient-rich Garden Vigor product, Emerald Mist.

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