Rose Growing in 2010

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Growing roses with the Garden Vigor program pictureThis is our Queen Elizabeth rose bush in April. This plant has been set since August of 2006. Its typical size for the past three years has been about 30-45 inches in height, and approximately 10 blooms would be cut from this plant each year.


The day this picture was taken, this plant was treated with the Garden Vigor foliar program mixture: Emerald Mist and MaxGrow. It was also treated with Garden Vigor's Sulf-O-Cal and the soil application  mixture around the base (MaxGrow and VermActant) and watered in.


The foliar program has been administered bi-monthly, which is less than the possible number of applications. The foliar mixture may be applied every 7-10 days, while we misted only every two weeks. The soil application was also applied every three weeks following the recommended frequency of every 21-28 days.


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Queen E July blooms
Title: Queen E July blooms
She's really quite amazing! The program really works!
Queen Elizabeth in June
Title: Queen Elizabeth in June
Queen E in June: 48 inches tall with 2-3 long stems cut each week for three weeks consecutively.
Queen Elizabeth in July
Title: Queen Elizabeth in July
Queen E is now 64 inches tall. We are nipping buds from the clusters to create larger blooms. Multiples of long stems cut each week. On 7-13-10 there were 16 buds in addition to the multiple blooms shown here..
Quenn E after the rain
Title: Quenn E after the rain
16 buds, no matter how often we clip
Peace Rose
Title: Peace Rose
YEAH! It's blooming this year. Only 4 or 5 blooms last year.
Peace bud in July
Title: Peace bud in July
Queen E, Aug 13th
Title: Queen E, Aug 13th
We clipped four long stems about 10 days ago. She's still putting out plenty of new growth with abundant buds.
Queen E Aug 17th
Title: Queen E Aug 17th
It's amazing how much new growth she puts out in just 4 days!
Sept 17th: 6 ft tall w/ a dozen roses
Title: Sept 17th: 6 ft tall w/ a dozen roses
Queen E just keeps on growing and growing and growing ....
last Mr Lincoln
Title: last Mr Lincoln
10/2/2010: The last Mr Lincoln before the cold snap came early. Hope he survives to regale us again next year!
last rose of 2010
Title: last rose of 2010
10/9/2010: This is the last rose we had for 2010 - a peace rose. The bloom was as big as my hand (6 inches across).

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