Growing Dahlias with Garden Vigor

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Last Update: 9/11/2012 8:59:50 AM
We tried some new varieties of Dinner-plate dahlias this year and had outstanding results. The dinner-plate varieties were prolific bloomers with an average height of 4.5 feet. Bushes (not dinner-plate variety) also had many blooms, though the height was reserved to 12-14 inches.
Deep Red
Title: Deep Red
Description: It's called a dinner-plate variety, but our biggest one was about 4 inches across.
Red Star
Title: Red Star
Description: This one didn't get as much sun as the others and was a late bloomer. He was no less spectacular, and well worth the wait.
Lavender and White
Title: Lavender and White
Description: This variety was the most prolific, blooming first and producing large numbers of blossoms with an average of 4 inches across.
Red and White
Title: Red and White
Description: This one had blooms up to 6 inches across and was very popular with the bees.
Title: Yellow
Description: This one carried, on average, 10-12 each of blooms and buds every day. It was also quite popular with the bees.
Title: Lavender
Description: This one we bought at a home improvement store in April. It had one bloom and two buds at that time. It averages 10-12 blooms and buds on a daily basis.

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