How do I eliminate moss from my lawn?

Moss is not a season specific growth; it can grow in any lawn at any time of the year. It is frequently found in areas that don't drain well or lack direct sunlight or good nutrition.
To eliminate the moss, pull up the current growth and place in a plastic bag. Seal  the bag tightly when finished. It is best to wear gloves and a mask, especially if you are allergy-prone. Spread a heavy layer of fine-ground lime to the soil. (Contact us to purchase Garden Vigor Cell-U-Lime for this purpose.) Moss likes acidic soil conditions; the calcium in the lime will create a  higher pH which will eliminate the preferred acidic level and discourage moss growth.
Alternatively, a pre-mixed solution is available in most stores where gardening supplies are sold. Some of these products are soap byproducts which contain phosphites. Do not rinse treated areas; allow to dry. Check the areas in 3-5 days for new growth. Continue to treat until the moss no longer returns.
To prevent growth in the future, feed the affected lawn areas regularly. If the moss is growing in a shady place, consider a different grass variety that grows well in shade. Keeping the soil busy growing a healthy grass crop will discourage moss growth.