About Us

Garden Vigor wants to be your source for garden fertility products that solve real-life problems.

We’re uniquely positioned to fulfill that role, too. Our company was built on 20 years of experience solving major, complex production problems for large-scale farming enterprises across the country.

We know plants. We know soil. And we take both seriously in helping your garden be everything it can be.

As biochemists and soil microbiologists will attest, plants and soils are in constant communication with one another, sending biochemical signals back and forth.

Our job, as we see it, is to help increase that plant/soil communication. Doing so will make your garden healthier and more productive. 

Sound a little far-fetched? Give us try. Contact Garden Vigor and see what a difference our knowledge of plant/soil communication – and the extraordinary products we’ve developed to facilitate it – can make in your garden. We think you’ll be thrilled.