Emerald Mist
A true “miracle” product for maximum plant nutrition.
An organically certified way to provide needed plant sugars.
Fine-ground gypsum to encourage plant and microbial proteins.
A soil stimulant encouraging “good-guy” fungi to protect roots.

Our Scientifically Formulated Products

Gardens. Greener. Guaranteed.

Garden Vigor exists for one reason: to help gardeners grow better gardens.

We accomplish this two ways:

  • through education — answering gardeners questions, offering special tips and sage advice to help them solve their most pressing horticultural problems
  • through our exceptional products — scientifically developed to provide comprehensive soil and plant nutrition … and to take much of the guesswork out of the process

With Garden Vigor “at your side,” you stand a much better chance of realizing …

  • larger, healthier, tastier vegetables and fruits
  • healthier, hardier, more-colorful flowers and plants of all kinds
  • increased yields

That’s because Garden Vigor addresses all aspects of the complex interaction between plant and soil – uniquely, thoroughly, effectively.

What kind of garden solutions are you looking for? Contact Garden Vigor.

Garden Tips and Tricks
Planting tip to deter tomato horn worms from plants.
The miracle your plants have been waiting for!
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